What he said cast a chill on the gathering.

Dorothy needs an operation.

Today's your lucky day.

I praised him for his diligence.

Ben's daughter is three years old.

He was blue from the cold.

I found the lost cat that its owner had been looking for for a long time.

The bill was passed after a hard fight in the House.

Sho is majoring in architecture.

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Back away from him.

This isn't the first time I've ridden a bicycle.

I brushed by him while running.

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Would you please start acting like adults?


Jurevis has a lot of gray hair.


That's all I've got to say.

I don't see any harm in that.

Sheila is going to wait until Gale gets here.


This was Alfred's idea.


Which is the best hotel in the town?

My bike is in the bike shop.

He felt ill at ease.

He earns not more than 50 dollars a week.

Mostly likely, he's come back from the workshop.

Mason certainly is aware of what happened here yesterday.

He shouts a lot.

He studies French and web design.

I'm glad you agree.

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I wish I had a pony.


Kenton is a rebel.

A woman's hair is long; her tongue is longer.

He was to succeed to the throne.


I hoped to get an email from you today.

Snakes are -to a certain extent- deaf, but can still hear very low sounds and are very sensitive to smells.

We were all a little alarmed.

I don't know why I even thought I had a chance with Jurevis.

Have you ever even seen a firefly?

When did you last see him?

You answered by yourself.


He's not tall, but strong.

The solution of one may prove to be the solution of the other.

I saw you in the park with Susumu.


That box is bigger than this one.

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It's more difficult than it looks.

Get Sherri's attention.

The bus was late because of the traffic jam.

We found there was scarcely any money left in the cash-box.

On my days off I do things like go to the movies, lounge around in cafes, and cook.


We tried to stop Marek from doing that.


Aristotle believed that the sublunary sphere was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.


They sounded the alarm when they saw the enemy approaching.

He boozes too much.

He had to clean his room.


They stared at each other.

Oh no, I didn't do my homework.

The horse did not want to get into the trailer.

Some of the classmates passed the examination, but the others didn't.

She does not have much money.

I understood what she said.

The orange appears rotten inside.

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"Is there a doctor in the house?" "I am."

Kim Il-sung was named premier.

It's good manners for a boy to ask a girl if he can kiss her.

Please ask Gigi to call me before 2:30.

Did you hear about what happened?

The people acclaimed him King.

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

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We may have a thousand in our army, but most of them are injured.

The two of them transformed chemistry into a modern science.

He read the poem in a monotone.

Let's stick with the plan.

You won't believe what Jeannette just said to me.

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Trying was scammed by Nigerian scammers.

What's wrong with the food?

We captured her.


I've got a feeling Keith doesn't really know how to speak French.

Where's Pratt playing?

Do you want to play cowboys and Indians?

The group arrived at the destination after a three day hike.

Marsha put his hat back on.

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Young children soon pick up words they hear.

I put the plan into practice.

I'm going to take you to them.


Jordan is studying at Harvard.

Bring the guns into play when the enemy approaches us.

I heard a thud.

The President leaves Washington for Paris next month.

I am a new student.

He exhausted all his energy.

I can't do that to you.

You can't leave now.

Someone! Catch that man!

I rang the bell and waited.

I've seen it done.

Tell me more about yourself.

I don't notice any difference.

Try not to worry about me.

Our guide showed us all the interesting aspects of Chartres.


The candidate did not welcome our support.


I addressed my full attention to the landscape outside.


I told Denis what happened.

He's on top of the world after hearing the good news.

What kind of fool do you think I am?

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It seems obvious that he is unable to swim.


I hate people who have feelings.

Don't leave everything to the last minute.

Tell me only what I need to know.

We can make this happen.

You should check it out.

That doesn't work for me.

"Donnie, you do know this is a public forum, don't you? Throwing a hissy fit because people happened to misinterpret your Facebook post makes you seem controlling and humourless, and more or less guarantees still more mocking responses."

We've got to get out of here right now.

Van doesn't like controversy.

Give me the bottle.

They know our plans.

Syed is proud of his stamp collection.

A talking dictionary is no longer a fantasy.


However, your wedding, it is yours and made from your own choices.

They won't be happy until we're all dead.

Andy stuck his tongue out at Srikanth.


Let's get out of the rain.

Did you remember to lock the door?

Jeannette seems reluctant to go.

Torsten has been the president of our PTA for the last three years.

Hatred is our enemy.


Could you please clear the weeds from the garden and water the flowers in the flowerbed for me?


Dustin did say something like that.

The little boy is afraid of the dark.

What would the advantages be?



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One thousand two hundred and fifty-six soldiers destroyed the fortress of Alamut.


I fully understand your feelings.

Our house was broken into by burglars last night.

Everyone except me was invited.

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Jesper said nothing wrong.

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Perhaps I can help.

Bart probably thought I wouldn't like doing that.

What's your favorite yoga pose?

I was so confused.

Not many students attended the meeting.

I know you want answers.

She always conducted herself honorably and gracefully.

An individual with an annual income of more than 15 million yen is required to file his or her final tax return in March.

It had nothing to do with this.

She had her hat blown off by the wind.

He resigned and joined the army.

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Someone has to tell Marc he should go on a diet.

If I were you, I'd study harder.

Thanks for defending my honor.

I need to use your phone.

Vernon finds it hard to unwind after work and has trouble getting to sleep.

Anger showed on his face.

Without doubt the three ice-cream flavours most popular are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.


It's too big.

I hope they don't name their dog Cookie.

He returns from Beijing tomorrow.

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Just be patient.

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She is never online, even during her vacation.


What do you think of her attitude?