I did not doubt you for a moment.

Bruno was wanted for an illegal weapons possession.

The relationship is convenient and symbiotic.

Andrew had a hip replacement surgery.

Nick told Jeff the absolute truth.

The plans aren't set in stone and can be changed if absolutely necessary.

Pieter could've said no.

This is all I've got left.

We walked as far as 6 kilometers.

Her face turned pale.

They are my sisters.

Don't use your bare hands to scrub the floor.

If you don't eat, you die.

Wild animals live in the jungle.

Cindie called for an interview.

Yes, I understand!

I want to know who paid for this.

The examination was not difficult in the least.

Kiribati is threatened by climate change.

One can acquire this book in one store only.


When you've finished reading the book, I'd like to borrow it.

This box is very heavy.

Can you wait a few weeks?


I hope you got what you needed.

It reminds me of them.

Murthy didn't like Gerald much.

Michiel is still in Australia.

Multiple-choice tests are not uncommon.

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I don't know how to help you.


I'm not telling you her name.

Mario can play the guitar.

Cristopher is the teacher.

I have got higher grades.

I think it's time for me to sharpen my pencil.

How did you know I'd be here?

He applied for a job.

Don't leave!

Dean doesn't listen to classical music at all.

The Earth is like a ball with a large magnet inside.

Love to one's native language is to be raised from childhood.

The zoo is closed on Monday.

Rob got lost.

His last letter was from the fall of 2010.

He complains with good reason.


Dan was ready to commit suicide.

It often happens that young shogi players become a little self-important, but I don't think that's something limited to the shogi world.

There are people in the house.

How big a chance is there that Val will come?

My pastime is collecting insects.


If I'm not mistaken, the problem is we are out of gas.

That river is dangerous to swim in.

I added one.

I don't like repeating myself.

Rotate your screen to see other images.

It was last week.

Herve's the one who broke the window.

You lied to me!

I barely had time to finish this report before the meeting.

She's not interested in her English lessons.

I can't write anything at all.

We saw a lot of live fish in the pond.

Be happy and don't ask any more questions...that is best.


I don't like the way he talks.

Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.

We'll ask him.

I don't feel like going out on such a day.

You had something to do with this, didn't you?


I came with her.


Sonny is a bowler.

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Vladimir lent me three books.


I hate paperwork.

John answered for his sister.

This spider is pretty aggressive.

I'm sorry that you can't come this evening.

You must leave here before everything.


I'm just going to go wash my hands.

Follow your dreams to the ends of the earth.

My washing machine broke.

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Perhaps we should contact him.

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Celia and Coleen took a walk on the beach.

Is there anything we need to know.

My family goes to Italy every year.

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We're doing the best we can.

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I love to be in nature.

I still believe this is the best choice.

You might need the calculator now.

He is guilty of stealing.

Do you know someone here?


I love romance novels.

What makes you think I want a new oboe?

We'd better win.

Why didn't he go to Germany?

You are dreaming.

Markus is disagreeable.

The boy likes to walk around the sombrero shop.

Dinner is ready!

You always work hard.


I was involved in the quarrel.

How did the trip go?

I can never go back there again.

I should've done that, but I didn't.

Griff drowned in his neighbor's pool.

Joon rarely eats at home.

Root doesn't even understand it himself.

Russell drives an electric car.

The nation needed more and better teachers.

The only girl Claude ever really liked was Antonella.

Tell her that I am looking for the keys.

Call Panos and see what he thinks.

Pink roses are beautiful.

I feed data into a computer.

He is a bad boy.

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The dishes were not so delicious, but otherwise the party was a success.

Clem is in his office working late.

This jacket is a little too big.

One learns grammar from language, not language from grammar.

Until what time can I call you on the phone?

Japan ranks among the economic powers of the world.

Switzerland is a neutral country.

See if my answer is correct.

No matter what he may say, don't trust him.


The number 6 people are extremely magnetic. They attract others to them and they are loved and often worshipped by those under them.

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We eloped on the spur of the moment. It was so romantic!

It's really no big deal.

Appointed commissioners who nobody votes for and who cannot be voted out frame all the laws, and these are then merely rubber-stamped by the European parliament. It's actually scary what this could potentially mean. It's a despot's dream set-up. Very short-sighted to vote to remain.

Linux Deepin is another wonderful Linux distribution.

The cat is on the table.

Latest census data shows that the total population of the country is slightly above 7 million people.

It is easy to see the fault of others, but it is hard to see one's own.

Nobody intends to erect a wall.

All he is thinking about is meeting her.

He loves the new house.

This won't hurt a bit.

She hovers over that child like hen with one chicken.

You said I wouldn't enjoy it.


What good is a code that contains more symbols every time it's used?

You must learn to govern your temper.

You are a good student.

Rajeev is the tallest in the class.

Ramneek has started drinking a lot.

I'm not the one hurting Art.

Lee got Juan to drive him home.

Johnnie doesn't have any cash on hand.

She didn't know there was a translation of the Quran in Hebrew.

Do you want to stay?

The shop sells articles of all kinds.

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It's too early to tell anything.

I think I should've been more careful.

We can know in advance what excuse he will make.

Catherine is the smartest boy I've ever met.

Frank cut the vampire's arm off with a machete.

The snake has a split or forked tongue.

Some people never fail to astonish me.

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His first answer was laudable.


Mother often said that she was proud of me.



I didn't ask Dirk to dance. He asked me.

These are high quality goods.

Where's the entrance?

How long did you train in order to achieve such perfection?

We intend to persist.

Please don't make so much noise. I'm trying to study.

"We're just friends," said Raja.

Don't ask where that turkey baster's been.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for kids 12 years old and under.

I've been writing a lot.

How are we going to repair this?

There's nothing to eat.


Mikael didn't know how to translate the word "computer" because the people he was talking to had never seen one.


Roxanne is pompous and arrogant.


Esperantists are our friends.