Nowadays marriage is not necessarily a must for women.

I'm not ashamed and neither should you be.


Richard said more than Keith wanted him to.

As I must confess to my shame, I lied.

Who's the person sitting at the other end of the table?

You're the next in line for promotion.

What's the difference between a violin and a piano? A piano burns longer.

Do you eat spaghetti by twirling it around your fork?

It's not good manners speaking during the meal.

I'll figure out a way to make it work.

Leila is my classmate.

In spite of his tight schedule, Alastair always has time to spend with his children.

Klaus died last month.


I went to school on foot in those days.


I must have lost my purse in the supermarket.

Miltos knows what it's about.

It's totally cool.


How could this be happening?

Bush is not a liar.

Grant, look at me. Are you okay?

Ronni seemed to be worried about something.

I got only a C on the spelling test today because I forgot to study for it.

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Subra reminded Tyler to renew her driver's license.

Rainer told Merton to study harder.

There's nothing more you can do.

Ken painted his bicycle white.

Will people actually buy this?

My father came back from Osaka last week.

I got out of that house.

This is the last time I'll allow the maid to drive my car.

Are you guys really cousins?

Zoology and botany are about the study of life.

Climate change is a global problem.

I find it hard to focus.

We are longing for peace.


I've changed and expanded the text.

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A healthy child can no more sit still than a puppy can.


He knows little of mathematics, still less of chemistry.


The skin of peaches bruises easily.

I knew we were going to get married the moment I met you.

He did it, and in her presence.

It was a fascinating story, and he told it well.

Where did you pick up your Italian?


Were you unlucky?

My mother seldom watches TV at night.

We need rules.

Betty isn't there.

Why didn't you come to ask me earlier?

Work as the ant.

It's quite humid.

We never would have allowed Kent to do that.

I'm not going to speculate.

He likes to beat around the bush.

Do you also like doing crossword puzzles?

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If you want, I can show you how to do that.

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People are people, you are you, so to compare people to one another is pointless.


Isn't there anything you want?

Why is there always a tall guy in front of me?

Amos wants to ride a bull.


So far we have been quite successful.

Chewing gum is a sweet which is made of rubber.

Always do your best.

They refused to accept the pay raise.

Poetry is only born after painful journeys into the vast regions of thought.

How are you progressing?

Would you like me to try again?

He is looking at what used to be my father's desk.

I'm OK for now.


I cannot add a sentence like this to Tatoeba.

Sjaak is always secretive.

He is getting better.


This order is to be obeyed to the letter.


This firm prints a lot of educational books.

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I tried to get them to tell me.

He seems interested in her.

Much of the riots' coverage was taken from the cell phones of passersby, saving local news outlets valuable film which they would later use for banal "human" "interest" "stories."

I'd like to see Torsten, please.

You'll be fine without me.


I'm not a poet; I couldn't write a single line to depict its beauty.


Kyung was so confused.

I phoned Marie, but the line was busy.

Was she shopping?

He kept badgering her until she told him what he wanted to know.

I need it by tomorrow.


Two big powers have signed a secret agreement.


They put him in jail.

I got tired of waiting.

The revolt was crushed.

Do you know what your name means?

We can't get what we want without your help.

I'd like to know that too.

Price cares about his health.

I already spoke to Panos.

Clarissa negotiated a lower price.


This old book is quite out of date.

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I hope the weather stays this way.

Fair enough.

Is her father a doctor?


Aren't you forgetting something?

Everyone loves you.

That isn't possible.

Why are you back from lunch so soon?

He gets up at 8 a.m. every morning.


Micheal lives at 333 Park Street.

I agree. He's sure been the king of the hill since we brought him home.

I am not myself anymore. I've become a laughable caricature of my deepest self.

I'm cutting my trip short.

Our city is free from air pollution.

I'm not sure who Roger's teacher is.

Do you want another one of these?

At the moment, things are not are not going so well for me.

He would not go out.

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The law will be effective from the 1st of April.

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Who else was at the meeting?


I wish for once I could be something.

Roderick began to feel afraid.

Japanese Immigration Control is known for being strict with refugees.

I'll eat a thousand-year-old egg.

Mr Murata, this is my friend Lisa.

A concerted effort is required to eradicate malaria in the country.

I wonder if you could get me another beer.

Do you like living in Rome?

Everett was bleeding profusely.

Why didn't you ever tell me you had a son?

He is a man of faith.


Niels was obviously not busy.


We heard the slow and heavy tramp of feet on the stairs.

Jeffery is one of my best customers.

He looked on this role as his big chance.

I don't care who you are, I care about what you do.

Ordener religiously pressed this gift from his beloved against his lips.


Leora borrowed some books from the library to read over the weekend.

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Someone get me a tissue.

I don't think we should talk about that now.

Kent didn't notice that the front door was open.


Sergei returned home.


I like red meat.

She brushes her hair in the morning.

Is that the best you can do?

I'm pretty sure that Hsi didn't eat all his dinner.

The outlook is bleak.

Give it a pull.

He is not such a fool as you assumed him to be.

I told Felix to study harder.

I especially like the smell of lilacs.

Olivier was stabbed.

That's not what I wanted to show you.

Morgan put his hand over his mouth.

She was anxious to please her mother.


I know that you all are cowards.


It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am.

I woke up at five this morning.

Johnny is the only girl I've ever really loved.

Jinchao has an incurable disease.

He is one of the greatest artists in Japan.


Spring is my favorite season.

Don't you have someplace else you need to be?

Ahmet has been living in Boston for the past couple of years.

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I really appreciate your offer.


He who does not work does not have the right to eat.