Cover for me.

Are there any Japanese restaurants near here?

Mitch went out the back door.

My speaking and listening in Turkish needs improvement.


Then I'll come again later.


We're safe in here, aren't we?


I prefer to walk rather than stay here waiting for the bus.


The water is not potable.


I think they'd make a cute couple, don't you?


His pronunciation is far from perfect.

Parents need to set the rules around the house.

It's a bad plan.


I believed I was doing the right thing.

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Tait loves baseball.

Johan needed a good job.

I have been to see my friend off.

The German national team dismantled Portugal.

I booked a seat at this restaurant.


Can you meet me after work?

We seem to have a little problem here.

We will fight.

Did you watch the game last night?

I came to support Jaime.

This is a great day.

I usually drink my coffee with milk.

It's fun to knead dough.

I didn't mean to wake her up.

He conducted us on a tour around the lake.

I love her so much that I can't leave her.

This hotel has a gym and a swimming pool.

We've had too much bad luck.

You must not cross if there is a red light.

My mother finally has given in to my views.


Have you seen my green shirt?

How could you not say something?

He always sings while having a shower.

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Are you the one who asked Marsha to help?

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Is he taller than his brother?

Dan appears to have had several surgeries in the leg.

This insect is tiny, but very dangerous.

She tends to forget her promises.

The real value of the minimum wage has fallen by nearly one-third since its peak in 1968.

To my dismay, my wallet was gone.

Lewis reached for the phone.


I'd like to take a closer look at that.

Jay's face was very pale.

She loves her dad.


Taurus said that you and he had lunch.

He's afraid of that dog.

I ordered those books from Germany.

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I asked my aunt to tell the stories of her travels.


Germany was hit hard by the financial crisis.


Doyle said he couldn't walk.

Let's get out of the taxi.

I want to pay with a credit card.

The grease caught fire.

We can travel through time. And we do it with an incredible rate of one second per second.


Alain grimaced.


I hardly knew him.

He hired a new secretary.

I don't know how he does it.


Sangho has lost interest in Marc.

I know that would make me happy.

The premise was wrong.

If you don't want to fall off the cliff, don't stay near it.

All of a sudden, a dog began barking.


It is utterly impossible to finish the work within a month.

She stood on the deck with her long hair waving in the wind.

I thought you were staying at Galen's.


I want to send these letters by airmail.

Hirotoshi swung the bat and hit a home run.

Will and Rod don't have much time to talk together. Their children are always demanding their attention.

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Send her over.

Have you seen the Grand Canyon?

Pilot is a very close friend of mine.

Raphael should have listened to Ernest more carefully.

I value our friendship.

He let rip.

I have no wish to harm you.

They made cookies.

Spit it out!

"I want that book", he said to himself.

Don't change your plans, whatever happens.

We're not going anywhere with you.

Did Knudsen talk about it?

Kelly used to be on the basketball team.

You really are in trouble, aren't you?

I would like to see my art teacher this afternoon.

She helped me in every way.


We should at least consider Shakil's suggestion.

That's a significant step forward.

He dropped a bunch of hard tasks on me.


Hopefully, that'll change.

Have you ever seen anyone do this before?

Kevin doesn't want to spend more than $300 for a used motorcycle.

It is inconceivable that he could ever win.

All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man.

I can't say I'm sorry to hear that.

Maybe we can talk to them.

I saw him for the first time in 10 years.

Travis is too young to do that.

It is sad that he has been sick for such a long time.

I hope I'll have learned a great deal about it in ten years.

A female friend of mine loves to go to gay bars with me.

Hector scares me.

He hang up his hat to a nail

When he was forty-nine years old, my grandfather emigrated to Brazil.

Japan is in eastern Asia.

Each and every member of the club was present.

You always take the lion's share!

Ernst's a hopeless romantic.


It's not like I haven't tried.

I thought I could do it.

Joanne licked his lips.

I will spend my next year vacation abroad.

The children soon fell asleep.

We're pretty tight.

She's lazy.

I can speak a little English.

Wilmer rushed off.


The music added to our enjoyment.

"K" was originally not included in the Portuguese alphabet; neither were "W" and "Y".

If it exists, a crossover with it will eventually happen.

It began to rain five minutes after I left home.

They felt the need to dispute that.


Focus on one thing and do it well.

I'm just making a suggestion.

Jacob didn't know how to ask the right question.

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It is true he is a learned man, but he lacks common sense.


Brad ordered a doughnut sandwich.

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Everyone here already seems to be with a partner... what am I going to do?


Utilities are extra.

Adam is doing graduate work in science.

I am very afraid.


My hobby is to collect old toys.

The boy has taken the toy away from his little sister.

He has managerial talent.


You are all our guests tonight.


I like to look at old pictures.

I didn't think I needed one of those.

Why didn't you get undressed yet?

I'd rather not go to Boston.

You heard what Isaac said, didn't you?

A large quantity of air-conditioners has been sold since the temperature is high.

What does your son want to be when he grows up?


Andre, this is between your father and myself.

When Jim died, I wanted to die.

Since he's visited Rome many times, he knows it well.


The sun at dusk is red.

Can't we just get Coleen to leave?

If you promise something, keep your word.


I think it is fun to go for a walk.

Ask for another blanket if it's cold tonight.

Who teaches you French?


I didn't want to go anyway.

I must speak with them.

Let's have a look.


The best fish smell when they are three days old.

I have a feeling you and I have a lot in common.

I want to see her in my office.