The gap was bigger than I expected.

You have to change the word order.

Roche stops drug supplies to debt-ridden Greek hospitals.

They haven't unpacked their trunks yet.

I'll guard the prisoner.

I use Firefox.

I was willing to do it, but Marvin said I didn't need to.

I'm going to get you home.

Nietzsche shouts from beyond good and evil.

You'll never make a Sherlock Holmes out of me.

Herman tried to calm down.

Is this going to be a problem?

The composition has been written hurriedly, so it's probably full of errors.

They were the nightmare of the elderly.

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Leads went to school to learn how to tune pianos.

"No, I think not," answered the Queen.

Have you been here long?

I'm following the guidelines.

Above all, be patient.

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One drop of this poison is enough to kill 160 people.

They wiped out the enemy.

Can you make yourselves understood in French?

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While I was waiting for the rain to stop, he kindly gave me a lift.

We had to wait for more than three hours.

Uyghur is a Turkic language.

We want what's best for them.

Don't make any quick decisions.

Does Taurus want to go with us?

There was a fine scent in the room.

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He has a deep feeling for the weak.


This work will only be done well if there's division of labor.

I tried to persuade Sharan to join us.

Triantaphyllos's pillow is pink and has a picture of a fairy on it.

Are you telling me you're the one who assaulted Antony?

I told you Tal isn't my friend.

Everyone knew everyone else.

She choked him.

The policeman cut me short in my talk.

This part of the report may be left out.

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He makes it a rule to sit up late at night.

My body is old but my spirit is young.

None of us speak French.

What happened freaked us out.

I'm doubtful that he's going to come.

He can play the piano, the flute, the guitar, and so on.

Eric has started ignoring me.

Don't sign the contract in pencil.

This list is inclusive of the past members of the group.


Would you care to dance?


It was a gamble.

I thought she was stupid.

Go and find Hazel.

Not even Duncan knew when Hiroyuki was going to arrive.

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

Clem and Panzer have several mutual friends.

I'm not as nice as I think I am.

We don't have any choice.

When are you going to talk to me?

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I'm sure you're busy.

Do you want to learn to drive?

I'm watching television.


Luck is a part of life.

Here's your umbrella.

Tsez has one hundred twenty-six cases.

Please bring me vinegar and oil.

It was a daunting task.

Don't play games.

Charlie pulled out his keys, but then noticed that the door had already been unlocked.

I almost didn't come.

I leave here at ten-thirty next Sunday.


Marty couldn't help but feel happy.

I'm really sorry I doubted you.

Are you like her?

Please inform me what options are available to me.

Nothing dries more quickly than a tear.

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Kate wants to work in Italy, so she's learning Italian.


How many vertices and faces does a pentagonal prism have?

Butler scolded Carlos for not treating John with respect.

His face went to pieces with tears.

I'm surprised that Daniele didn't agree with you.

He seems to have been ill for a long time.

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It's baking hot.

Patio dining for breakfast is widely practiced in urban areas of France.

We refer to this city as Little Kyoto.

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You must watch your step all the way.


Wasn't Sandy here earlier today?


He's no judge of music.


I saw you.

I built this company.

Don't disappear on me again.

When a door closes, another one opens.

That's why Marcel was hated.


Clark has a strong personality.

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Someone was here.

She called him every other day.

There is nothing to do.

Sanche expected me to pay for everything.

Is Barbra your daughter?

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Her behavior is above praise.


She told him that her father had died.


That is in my recollections.

Where did you want to take Malus?

This kind of amusement has no attraction for me.

Chet gets frustrated when her colleagues do not recycle.

I will get even with you for this.


Why is your skirt so short?


Give your seat to the old man.


I would rather study than play today.

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How're you doing tonight?

Are you making Vic a sandwich?

Teri sounds very immature.


Well, aren't you coming?


However hard the training was, she never cried.

Can one of you help me?

Do you know the chemical formula of phenol?

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How well can you play guitar?

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The space hotel was luxurious with all the chandeliers in the grand lobby where a magnificent staircase led to the fabulous dining area.

Sarah is wearing a uniform.

Winnie hoped that Elric was right.

How are complaints handled?

She visited her uncle and aunt.

I need you to help me find Terry.

Please don't make such a loud noise.

You have too many books on the shelf.

Skeeter bought a drink from a vending machine.


I am listening to the music.


What the heck is that supposed to mean?


The air is stifling.

A large rock is large; a small one is small.

Some factories pollute the environment.

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The best way to really know a person is to see how he behaves when he is absolutely free to choose.


Barry didn't listen.

Michel thought that was funny.

It was quiet.

The man who lives next to Theodore is quite peculiar.

She never woke up.

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Where's the dining car?

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So much could change.

He put up with the greatest hardship that no one could imagine.

If you eat too much you will get fat.

I helped my father yesterday.

It's not every day one gets an opportunity to meet him.

He made me attend the party in his place.

We should be with them.

Some of the things he said got under my skin.

They don't allow us to go to disco.


What he lacks is courage.

I thought it'd be too much.

Juno will measure the amount of water and ammonia in Jupiter's atmosphere.

The child received piano and singing lessons.

She is meditating.

The stock price index soared to an all-time high.

It's strange that our friends are not here.

Ray really likes Lucifer, doesn't he?

In countries with electoral colleges, citizens vote for representatives to pick heads of state for them, adding an extra layer to what would otherwise be a direct election.

I haven't a cent to my name.

You have to follow the rules.

I want to be at the top of the company.

Please get here as quickly as you can.

The post office is in the town centre.

Please write down what he says.