You look satisfied.

Mitch hasn't yet been arrested.

The house costs double what it did before.

I'm going to stay with them.

Why do you think Sandeep came to Boston?

Which one is mine?

I'm gonna shock the world!

Heinrich seems to be looking for something.

When did you get to London?

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than Mesoamerica, for instance?

I have had a slight fever since this morning.

Dimitry mentioned that several times.

Oh! what wonders and splendours unfolded themselves before Elsa's astonished eyes! She thought she really must be in Heaven.

I really love you.

What on earth is that?

Why won't you listen to me?

Look under the skin of a civilized man and you will find a barbarian.

Who told you I was sick?

I think I've heard this song before.

I'm pretty tired right now.

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The dream of world war may be linked to a linear religion.

That's not going to stop me.

You're not rich, are you?

I usually get up at six.

Hiroyuki doesn't have any children.


Tracy is nearly three hours late.


That sounds easy enough.

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Send me there.


How fast the train is running!

It's more beautiful here than I expected it to be.

We're on schedule.


What was it Sanford wanted to see?

Hey, what are we going to do tomorrow?

I know it'll be impossible.


This car runs great.

I bought this for my brother.

The tree that is in the garden is an ancient oak.

I'd like to discuss the following at the meeting.

He was living in England when the war broke out.


At night I lay awake waiting for the break of dawn.


My father promised himself that he'd hang up his boots at sixty.

They gave different explanations for the accident.

I don't need such superficial friends.

Judging from his accent, he must be from Kyushu.

I'm a nice dude.

I thought it was the right thing to do.

Do you know what this sentence means?

Tai's feet sank in the snow.

I hate the politicians of the world who put their personal interests before those of their country.


I'm glad you volunteered to help.

You will keep your word, won't you?

I'm going to find out who did this.

Read after me all together.

We need their help.

I think that French grammar is difficult.

Steen is going to be very angry.

Isn't Stevan supposed to be helping Darrell?

Deirdre dyes his hair, doesn't he?

We'll manage this.

You should get to know them.

I know what I want. I just haven't found it yet.

He had hoped for success, but in fact, he did not succeed.

Esperanto is the girl of my dreams.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that treats of human conduct.


I should get in touch with them.

He cautioned me against being careless of my health.

The game has already started.


Who is that woman over there?


We've run short of money.


Takao got married when he was 30 years old.

I know you like what Jerry gave me.

Roxanne left the water on.

Had I said something stupid?

He sold his business and retired.

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If he had not met with that accident, he would be alive now.


She's smarter than Hazel, but not as beautiful.

It's pretty freaking cold outside.

I think Shari had a good time.

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Why are you so upset with him?

What ship were you on?

I am sure this book will be of great use to you.

Show me where Boston is on the map.

The fire fighter demonstrated how to put out the fire.

I think it's still worth a try.

Rafael wasn't a bit hungry.


This dream will come true.

Suresh told me what happened here.

I don't care if she's Catholic, Buddhist or Muslim. All I care is her friendship.


Tao will run the company.

This situation would suit Rodger.

In the fight to abolish slavery Lincoln knew that he occupied the moral high ground.

Wine is the most reliable guidepost, since it advertises the joy, the sincere gaiety, the happiness to come.

Shawn is very passionate, isn't he?

We're under new management.

Vern doesn't get out much.

You've omitted something.

Are you exciting?

I would like to eat sushi.

Rudolph knows he's not going to win.

Benson should never have eaten those oysters.

We'll talk about this later.


The radio announcer had a masculine voice.


You betrayed us.

We mustn't burn our forest, because it is the source of the oxygen we breathe.

Someone broke into my house and ran away with all of my money.

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She smiled a lot but she could not speak Japanese.

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I'll treat you to sushi.

Ken can play the violin, not to mention the guitar.

We're not done with this.

It's hard to tell her anything.

Galen has betrayed you.

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Can't we wait until tomorrow to do this?

Especially over the last 20 years, the purported link between progressive welfare policies and economic failure in the Northern European countries seems to point to the difficulty of sustaining both full social welfare and international competitivity.

He worked for five hours on end.

I think you might eventually change your mind.

This region was wiped off the map after a hurricane.

You don't have time.

I cried out to you, hear my voice.

The accident destroyed all his hopes for success.

Such a program will help the rich but harm the poor.

Kinch and I are both scared.

It's my turn to wash the dishes.

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You've hit it! The book was still in the car.

What does what happened last night have to do with what's happening today?

Can you please watch my bag?

Communists took power in China in 1949.

Dan was promoted at his job.


I've already paid the bill.

I've already told Norman what needs to be done.

Eddy is proud of his stamp collection.

Barely had they entered the stadium, when the match began.

Could you hang up the laundry?

India is now short of food.

What am I supposed to dip in the fondue?

I had the wrong things.

Is there actually a moment between the past and the future?

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It's getting cloudy. It may rain soon.

He knew me.

Wow! That's cheap!

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Ignore him.

Kiki sent his daughter to her aunt Brender.

Deb left work early, complaining of a headache.

She is quite coquettish.

As far as I'm concerned, I have no complaint.

I like to use the new font lately.

How is your business going?

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Moore can't already imagine his life without a car.


She ascertained that the novel was based on facts.

Admit that you made a mistake.

This is so funny.

Ray is coming back here to pick me up.

The electrical appliance must have been damaged in transit.

Jorge wasn't foolish enough to tell Cathrin what had really happened.

Norbert bought Jeannie a beer.


We'll see to that.


We celebrate the Star Festival in July.


I had failed to refrigerate the milk. It went so sour that it's inedible.

It's real.

How do you get up to date?

Joni doesn't know any better.

We've tried everything.

I could not help laughing when I saw him.

Leon said goodbye and then walked out the front door.

Language is one of the most important ways of communication.

I dumped the dishwater on the flowers so it wasn't wasted.

Mason was scammed by Nigerian scammers.

I can't put up with this noise any longer.